First Visit

To Your LONGVIEW OR Vancouver Orthodontist

Welcome to Lauren Cai Orthodontics, where our professional staff members have the skills and experience to treat all of your common orthodontic problems and the friendly attitude to make your first and every visit special. Dr. Cai provides traditional metal braces, ceramic invisible braces, and Invisalign clear aligners to patients of all ages from Woodland to Vancouver, WA. For our younger patients, the team members at Lauren Cai Family Orthodontics are experienced at easing any nervousness and making kids feel at home. Whether you're making your first trip to the orthodontist at the recommended age of around 7, or your an adult finally making the decision that you are worth having a confident new smile, Dr. Cai and her staff will welcome you to our orthodontic family and treat you with care and respect.


We value your time and so have provided a link to our New Patient Health History Form that you can complete prior to your appointment. Please submit the form and bring your insurance card with you to your first visit to save you the time of completing the paperwork in the waiting room.

Also, please bring with you any panoramic X-ray that you may have had taken within the past six months (not dental X-rays).

When Should My Child First Visit Dr. Cai?

American Association of Orthodontics recommends that an orthodontist examine a child's teeth by the time they are 7-years-old, even while baby teeth are still in their mouth. This is because your child's jaw is still growing and forming. Through X-rays and examinations, Dr. Cai can determine the placement of your child's permanent teeth in the jaw and estimate how those teeth are preparing to move into the mouth. She can identify any potential orthodontic problems and recommend any treatment, if any, that might be beneficial at that time. This also allows you to plan for any future treatment that you know is forthcoming such as braces, Invisalign, or even 0rthognathic surgery.


Meeting Dr. Cai And Her Team

We are always happy to meet the newest members of our orthodontic family and want you to know that, above all, you can trust us with your or your child's oral health. You will meet with Dr. Cai and many of her staff members who will be caring for you or your child. Different from a general dentist,  Dr. Cai has received her orthodontist specialty education which means she has years of specialized training in diagnosing and treating all types of facial and dental abnormalities including aligning and straightening your teeth. Dr. Cai's team of clinical assistants is also experienced in dental hygiene and orthodontic procedures. They, along with the scheduling coordinators and business staff truly care about every patient.

Consultation & Exam

Your first consultation in our Vancouver or Longview, WA, office is always complimentary and gives us a chance to meet you and to determine what orthodontic treatment needs you may have. You should allow about 60 minutes for this appointment. During this time we will thoroughly examine your teeth. Dr. Cai may ask you if you are having any discomfort with your mouth or jaw. Orthodontic problems often lead to difficulties eating, swallowing, jaw popping or even trouble speaking and she will want to know if you are experiencing any of these symptoms. She may also perform some additional tests to get a better look at your overall oral health. These will allow her to better diagnose any problems and create a potential treatment plan. These tests may include impressions, and digital scans and/or X-rays of your mouth to see where any permanent teeth may be preparing to emerge.

Discussing Orthodontic Treatment Options

A big part of this consultation is allowing us to discuss the different orthodontic treatment options that are most appropriate for you and giving you the chance to ask any questions that you have about each treatment as it relates to your needs. We will talk to you about specific areas relating to your individual situation after careful analysis of the diagnostic records. We feel it is important to analyze each patient's specific needs, because in-depth planning leads to the best results and your higher satisfaction. The most common orthodontic options we may discuss with you include:

  • Metal Braces - This traditional orthodontic solution is extremely effective for almost all orthodontic problems in both teens and adults.
  • Ceramic Braces - We offer ceramic braces, which is a form of less obvious, almost invisible braces that are popular with our Vancouver, WA, area patients, especially adults who begin braces treatment.
  • Incognito Braces - No all orthodontists offer this hidden braces option. Braces are installed behind the teeth instead of on the front surface of the teeth.
  • Invisalign & Invisalign Teen - This clear alternative to braces makes orthodontic treatment unnoticeable by others by using 3D software to make custom aligners made of a clear plastic-like material. Invisalign is a trending option for our Woodland area patients who want to straighten their teeth without the look or maintenance of traditional bracket braces.
  • Propel. Dr. Cai offers a high-tech option for those who want or need to speed up their orthodontic treatment called Propel. She will explain how this works and if it might be beneficial for your treatment.

Discussion Financing Options

Orthodontic treatment costs are different for every patient. Costs are based on things like your length of treatment, which type of treatment you decide to have, and the difficulty level of moving your teeth into the correct position. But at Lauren Cai Family Orthodontics, we never want anyone to miss out on the positive effects a straight, confident smile will give. That's why our business and insurance experts will discuss the estimated costs and work with you and your insurance company to develop a financing plan that will work for you. Most dental insurance companies cover some part of orthodontic treatment. If you know you have dental or orthodontic insurance, bring your insurance card. If you are not sure that you have orthodontic benefits, please check your benefit handbook or call your insurance to see what coverage you may have. Benefits are not guaranteed.

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