RetentionHere at the office of Dr. Lauren Cai, your oral health is treated with utmost care. Dr. Cai and her extremely talented team are trained to help your smile reach its full potential, both during and after treatment. During treatment, we work to make you as comfortable as possible and consider any and all questions or concerns you may have. After the removal of your braces or Invisalign, we continue our quality care during the important process of retention.

How Retention Works

Contrary to what you may think, orthodontic care doesn't end the day your braces are removed. Retainers are to be worn regularly for about two years after straightening to hold your teeth in place. If not worn properly or enough, your teeth will begin to shift back to where they were originally, potentially reverting the whole process you just endured. The following are a few common retention options that you can consider:

The Hawley Retainer is extremely common. It is made of both metal and acrylic that is molded to the shape of your mouth, and uses a wire to hold the teeth in place. These retainers are both removable and easy to clean.

The Essix Retainer is made of all plastic, and like the Hawley, is similarly removable and molded to the shape of your mouth. The Essix retainer covers the entire arch of the teeth, and is made to look completely transparent.

A Fixed Retainer, or a bonded retainer, involves attaching a wire directly to your teeth, making it a retention option that is not removable during use. The wire is bent so it can fit against the backside (or inner side) of the teeth.

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